Our Affiliate Disclaimer – Keeping it Real

affiliate disclaimer

Our Affiliate Disclaimer: You may notice that there are links to other web company sites from this site (for example: Amazon). Why? Because, I have setup an affiliate relationship with the businesses in those links. I most cases, I will earn a commission if you happen to click on and/or buy anything from the their sites. It doesn’t cost you anything (except what you choose to spend with them), and it’s only fair I get at least a little something from providing them with customers. So, thank you.  By the way, not all links are links to other sites – most are links to other articles I have written to provide additional information, etc..

With that said, Life at F11 is here to provide information, education, and entertainment. The external links are there to support those efforts, not random links to just make in some cases, literally $1. Also, I only signed up with companies that I use, and I only suggest specific products or services that I have purchased. Understand, that I do not work for or on behalf of any of the companies. So, be sure and make informed purchases.

In addition to this affiliate disclaimer. We are serious about protecting information. None of your personal information to provided/transferred to affiliates as a result of your clicking on links on our site.