DC’s Observations – December 27 2019

taking a nap DC's Observations

1. High school gyms need padded bleachers.

2. I love asparagus, but…. #youknowwhatImean

3. Rolling over in a grave seems like a pointless form of protest.

4. Posting to Facebook should not replace seeing a real therapist. #notthesame

5. Wild turkey fights over who gets to mate – are vicious.

6. I have forgotten where I was/what I was doing on a particular day. Then I scroll through Facebook to that day to figure it out. #thanksfacebook

7. Mobile ordering and drive thru’s are ruining the in-store experience.

8. The screaming lady/cat meme needs to use its 9th life.

9. One risk of taking pictures at night is you look “suspicious”. I was accosted by two Australian police officers for that reason.

10. The allure of most of the National Parks is tainted by one thing… snakes! #snakessuck

11. Naps were once viewed as punishment – now they are a wonderful luxury.

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