DC’s Observations – Social Media Challenges

Social Media Challenges

Social Media Challenges:

Social media challenges and more are all explored in this edition of DC’s Observations:

  1. The Starbucks drive-thru “experience” was awkward 🚘 It should be known that I don’t like drive-thru windows, but I had not choice (see #2).
  2. I had to choose between coffee and my extreme dislike of drive-thrus. Coffee won. ☕️ It was a tough decision, but I wanted my coffee.
  3. With the all Social Media Challenges, society is slowing degrading. People eating Tide Pods, setting themselves on fire, and more – all for “likes” 🧼 🔥
  4. Sometimes no-news is good-news. But, sometimes it’s just no-news. 📰
  5. I saw a food pic post of “beefless strips”. Aren’t they just “strips”?? There was no need to throw shade on the carnivores… If you’re a vegan, why are you naming your dishes after the things that they are replacing. 🥩 
  6. In the Charmin commercial where the bears are arguing over who will pick up the underwear… none of them are wearing any. Who did the underwear belong to? All we know is that none of the naked bears wanted to pick them up. 🧻 🩲
  7. If a movie is available to rent at home (while it’s still in the theatre) – they’re not doing the public a favor… That movie sucks.🍿 I believe “Invisible Man” falls into that category.
  8. It would cost about 35 million dollars to rebuild Steve Austin today. I’m not sure we need a 35 Million Dollar Man. Six Million was too much. 💵 💵
  9. If the best part of waking up is drinking Folgers… every night must be a nightmare. Canned coffee.. I won’t say any more. 💤 ☕️
  10. The whole genre of “House Music” is one never ending song. I could never get into it – the same beat and phrases repeated for 10 minutes. 🏠 🎧
  11. There was a time when Benny Hill was the most provocative show on TV. Times have changed!! 📺

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