My Worst Summer Vacation Ever – How I Survived

worst summer vacation ever Myrtle Beach

My worst summer vacation ever was actually two back-to-back vacations in 2006. The first of the two was a drive to Spartanburg, South Carolina for my wife’s family reunion. There was about 15 of us in three vehicles. The first leg of the vacation was a stop in Myrtle Beach for a couple days. Unbeknownst to me, we stayed in a place that was trying to sell us a timeshare. When I found out, I refused to waste my time with the sales pitch. So, I didn’t go. Aside from a few good meals (I still remember the fish and grits), our time in Myrtle Beach was pretty uneventful.

Family Reunion

After a few nights at the beach, we hit the road for the 4 hour drive to Spartanburg. Now, I don’t like driving (3 hrs is my comfortable limit). So, it wasn’t pleasant for me. Nonetheless, the whole crew arrived in time for the reunion, actually we were early. When we arrived at the reunion, there were a few people setting up. It was midday and the South Carolina heat and humidity had already made its appearance. We decided that since they weren’t ready, we would come back. Well, we never did. Instead, we stayed at the hotel, and the kids spent time in the pool. Part one of the summer vacation was sixteen hours of driving for a family reunion that we didn’t attend.

Worst Summer Vacation Ever Part 2

After being home for a couple days, the same 13 of us left for the second part of the worst summer vacation ever in the Poconos. This part included another 15 or 20 members of my family. We rented two cabins to house all the people. Well… it was still summer, and we found out (once we got there) that the cabins were NOT air conditioned. Due to the heat, we had to take a trip to the not-so-local Walmart to buy fans. Since we were already there, we sucked it and made the best of it. But, is was extremely uncomfortable!

Cut Short

I forgot how many days we were supposed to be there, but a few days into our stay mold was discovered in both cabins. Our trip ended at the point. So, we packed our stuff for the three and a half hour drive home. If you were keeping track, my worst summer vacation ever included about 23 hours of driving. So, we drove to South Carolina for a family reunion, and we didn’t go. Then we drove to the Poconos to sleep in a hot mold-filled cabin for a few days. It was horrible. Fortunately, all vacations since then have been good. Of course, they haven’t been without incident.

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