Hip Hop Music – Who Sampled What? – Part 2

hip-hop music Rakim

Continuation of list from Hip Hop: Find Out Who Sampled What

  • Teyanna Taylor: “Gonna Love Me” – The Delfonics “I Gave to You”
  • Eminem “Stan”:   – Dido “Thank You”
  • The Game: “It’s Okay (one blood)”   – Junior Reed “One Blood”
  • The Sugar Hill Gang: “Apache (jump on it)” – The Bongo Band “Apache”
  • De La Soul: “Me, Myself, and I” – Funkadelic “(Not Just) Knee Deep”
  • Eric B & Rakim: “Microphone Fiend” – Average White Band: “Schoolboy Crush”

Teyanna Taylor: “Gonna Love Me”

(original) The Delfonics: “I Gave to You”

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