Carnival Sunshine Cruise – Second Thoughts

Carnival Sunshine Cruise: Day 2. Things settled down after the chaotic first day. All that passengers seemed to have found their way to different areas on the ship. So, there weren’t any highly congested areas. By then, we had been out to sea for a whole day. I didn’t purchase the wi-fi package on the ship. Therefore, I was disconnected from the internet for two days, which was refreshing.

This was probably my best day on the ship, because it was relaxing. There was no internet and nowhere to go. That resulted in my going to the serenity deck and taking a 45 minute nap. Believe it or not, that was one of the highlights of the cruise. Naps are a rare luxury for me. The next day, we were in the Bahamas, Half Moon Cay. The following morning we docked in Nassau.

After breakfast, we made our way off the ship. I visited Paradise Island in Nassau years ago, but this time was different. We walked down the dock into a gauntlet of eager tour guides and taxi drivers. All of them wanted to give us their version of the best deal to see the major tourist spots. They were aggressive towards the passengers and each other. Two of them actually got in an argument over us.

My Carnival Sunshine Cruise was fun, relaxing, and an interesting “first”. There could possibly be a second cruise, but for the time being – I’m going back to my normal vacation style.

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