Gatlinburg Skybridge – Our Experience

During our recent visit to Tennessee, we walked across the Gatlinburg Skybridge. At 680 feet long, it’s the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America. In addition, in the center of the bridge the floor is glass – giving you a unique and somewhat frightening view of the gorge below

Afraid of heights

To get to the bridge, you have to take the Skylift. For three people that don’t like heights, this part was equally as frightening as the bridge. It moves slow, and it shakes a little at the transitions. Since I was a little uncomfortable, I recorded a video as a distraction and to share the experience.

Bouncy Bridge

We reached the top, and after an awkward dismount from the lift, it was time to walk the bridge (the things people pay for). Before going on it, we stopped and looked at it. It was quite a sight to see. Having taken it all in, we walked through the archway onto the bridge. We immediately felt the bouncing movement of the bridge. After all, it’s suspended by wires, and we weren’t alone. The Gatlinburg Skybridge was just opened in May 2019. So, it’s a popular tourist attraction.

Don’t Look Down

This was not my first time on a suspension bridge. I have crossed the Swinging Bridge at Patapsco State Park several times. Therefore, I expected the bridge to move. Still, it made me feel uneasy. Before we knew it, we were at the center of the bridge and the glass floor. Even though it wasn’t a long stretch of glass, it was scary. Of course, we stopped before crossing, but we had come too far to turn around. Just don’t look down…

Why Cross?

We tiptoed and penguin walked across the glass floor. Now, it was time to simply walk to the other side. My friend, Abu, didn’t see the point. So, he turned around and walked back across the glass and to the starting point.

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