Sunflower Garden Westminster Maryland

The Sunflower Garden in Westminster, Maryland is a great place to spend a day. But it’s seasonal and dependent on the weather. So, I had to keep track of the opening day and blooming on their website and Facebook Page. After anxiously waiting for it to open, Izzy and I planned a day to go. Izzy Amor is a dear friend of mine, and he loves sunflowers – and being in front of a camera. So, we planned to do a photoshoot there.

I made the one hour drive to get there, meeting Izzy and his family there. Since it was summer, we planned to get there when they opened to beat the heat. That turned out to be a very wise idea. Similarly, other photographers/models had the same idea. It was a popular location for photoshoots, but it was big enough that we didn’t get in each other’s way. After I finished my shoot with Izzy, I hung around to do some shooting for myself.

The Sunflower Garden in Westminster is more than just a garden. It’s a farm with some large fields of sunflowers, as well as other wildflowers. Within the fields, there are old rusty tractors, bicycles, and farm equipment. I love shooting rusty stuff. So, that was a highlight for me. There is an iconic old truck that is surrounded by sunflowers, except for the driver’s side door (which bears the farm’s logo).

Much to my surprise, there was no entrance fee. But, they had pruning shears available for you to cut flowers to make your own bouquets (that you had to purchase). They even had painted mason jars to put the flowers in. So go… create a bouquet of flowers – enjoy the peace and quiet. I enjoyed my day there very much.

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