Wealth: Discover Eight Ways To Increase it

Wealth… a word that when you hear it, you immediately think of one thing, money. While money is one aspect of wealth, it is about a lot more than a number in your bank account.  Thus, there are seven additional areas that should be addressed. These 8 forms are best practices or (in some cases) new practices will you have to integrate into your personal routine:

8 Forms of Wealth

  1. Spiritual/Inner Self
  2. Physical Health (your Health is your Wealth)
  3. Family (Primary Relationships)
  4. Professional
  5. Financial
  6. Circle of Genius/Social
  7. Adventure
  8. IMPACT!

Fun Times

What area do you need to focus on? The area I struggled with for years was adventure. Fun just wasn’t a big enough part of my life.

I was once asked, “What do you do for fun?” I hesitated before finding an answer… During the plane ride home from San Diego, it occurred to me that it took me at least 20-30 seconds to provide an answer. Too long. At that time, I was busy running a business, working a full-time job – all the while being a husband, father, brother, uncle, son, and friend. I would go on an occasional hike and take some pictures, but I wasn’t doing either of those activities regularly.

Time Off

I thought the more I worked the better off I would be, figuring I’d have fun once I got the business to a certain point. Instead, I ended up burned out, frustrated and tired. I was hurting myself more than I was helping. It was then that I remembered hearing Time Off Drives Time On, reiterating the need for taking some time off add some fun into my life. But even though I realized that, the demands of the business didn’t immediately allow it.

Years have passed, and things have changed. I’ve closed the business, and fun is no longer an area of trouble.

“Follow your dreams. Just make sure to have fun too.”

– Chris Brown

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