Becoming by Michelle Obama – My Review

Michelle Obama Becoming

My review of the Michelle Obama book, Becoming, probably won’t be very popular. The book has done very well with sales, including my purchase. I have seen others rave about the book, and the book tour with Oprah filled large venues. All signs that the book touched lives – just not mine. And, that should be okay.

I liked it

So, I’m including this book in my list of books I didn’t finish, but not on my books I hate list. The book just didn’t appeal to me enough for me to finish it. I was listening to the audiobook version and made it through about 12 out of 19 hours. You don’t listen to 12 hours of a book that is completely uninteresting. The Michelle Obama story was good.

Great Love Story

Of course we know the story: Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama meet, they fall in love, have a couple babies, and he becomes the first African American President of the United States. Great story.. very inspirational. As a Black man, I honestly never thought I’d see a Black President of the United States. I’m still proud of that accomplishment. But, I’ve never been a fan of politics or politicians. Fortunately, the book wasn’t just about Barack and Michelle, POTUS and FLOTUS. If that was the case, my listening time would have been a lot shorter.

Human Element

Learning the backstory of who they are (humanizing them), how they met, and even her initial objection to his political life, was interesting enough hold my attention as long as it did. She was very open about her miscarriage, which I’m certain that a lot of the readers of the book could identify with and help them heal and cope. So again, the book was able to touch her audience. I just don’t think I was her audience. I believe when I stopped listening – Barack was President. Perhaps for me that was the end of the story, all that I needed to hear.

Not For Me
Michelle Obama Becoming

Book Title: Becoming

Book Description: The complete life story of Michelle Robinson, who later became Michelle Obama, First Lady of The United States. What I liked most about the book was that it really humanized them. Before reading the book, I only knew the stuff you could read on any bio. But, the book went much deeper than that.

Book Author: Michelle Obama

Book Edition: 1st

Date published: November 13, 2018

Number Of Pages: 488

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