It’s Not About The F-Stop – Never mind Camera Settings

camera settings are less important f-stop

It’s not about the f-stop is a photography book that should be added to your reading list. After reading it, my photography style has already been affected. Since reading the book, I’ve made pictures that I probably wouldn’t have made before. As the title suggests, the book is more than just about camera dials and settings – it’s about seeing. Reading the book has had a positive effect on the way I “see”.

“There are rules about perception, but not about photography.”

– Jay Maisel

Camera Settings Are Less Important

Yes, there are important technical aspects to photography: aperture, ISO, shutter speed , etc.. that a photographer should know. But, a person could have knowledge of the camera settings and still not be able to make a well composed photo. The author Jay Maisel, is a gifted photographer, who understands the importance of seeing over the technical. He has another book that is more technically oriented, Light, Gesture, and Color (Voices That Matter). But, the book, It’s not about the F-Stop, the art of seeing is the highlight.

Effective Lessons

Every chapter in It’s not about the f-Stop is a “behind the shot” of a featured shot, as well as a lesson. I learned something in every chapter, but there were two lessons that stood out and resonated with me. The first being the importance of the recognizing that the moment changes. Jay says to shoot it when you see it. If it’s interesting enough to you to shoot – get out the camera and shoot it, regardless of camera settings. For numerous reasons (lighting, time, subjects) the shot won’t be there if you leave and come back. The second lesson was ‘walk slow’, because you see more when you do.

“Always shoot it now. It won’t be the same when you go back.”

– Jay Maisel

Thank Me Later

The technical aspects of photography shouldn’t be ignored. But, in the end – It’s not about the F-Stop. Forget about the knobs and buttons on the camera, focus on what’s important (pun intended), and just shoot. Oh yeah, and read this book. Thank me later.

Photography book without the tech jargon $31.04
camera settings are less important f-stop

Book Title: It's Not About the F-Stop (Voices That Matter)

Book Author: Jay Maisel

Book Edition: 1st Edition

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: New Riders

Publisher Logo:

Date published: April 4, 2015

ISBN: 0321987128

Number Of Pages: 216

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