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Photo Therapy Rick Sammon

Photo Therapy, Motivation and Wisdom: Discovering the Power of Pictures by Rick Sammon is an unusual photography book. What makes it unusual? Unlike most photography books (even Rick’s other books), this book contains no pictures. Instead, he digs deeper into the philosophy of photography and more importantly – the psyche of photographers. The question at the end of chapter one is “What does photography mean to you?”

“Our ability to use a camera gives us a chance to show everyone else who we are.”

– Rick Sammon

I really enjoyed the book, because it discusses photography as being more than just looking through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter button. That resonated with me, because photography is very meditative. There is something extremely calming about it. When I’m shooting, my mind is not focused on anything else.

“Peace and tranquility are hard to come by in today’s world. But through photography , we all have a chance to find both”

– Rick Sammon

This is a must read for photographers or anyone interested in photography. Pictures would have only distracted from the messages within the book.

A Photography Book Without Pictures! 15.99
Rick Sammon Book Photo Therapy

Book Title: Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom: Discovering the Power of Pictures

Book Description: Unlike Rick Sammon's 39 other best-selling and photo-rich books, Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom – Discovering the Power of Pictures, has no photographs between the covers. Yet, Rick feels as though it is his most important work

Book Author: Rick Sammon

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher - Orgnization: Independently published

Publisher Logo:

Date published: September 6, 2019

ISBN: 1688297340

Number Of Pages: 166

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