D.L. Hughley Book: How Not To Get Shot – Review

D.L. Hughley Book How Not To Get Shot

The DL Hughley book How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice from White People was a very interesting and creative book. I applaud D.L for his approach, addressing a very serious topic in a comedic fashion. But, what is the book about?

User Guide

It’s a user guide for black men, written from the perspective of racist white America. The guide explains to black men how they should conduct themselves in public so that they don’t present a “reason” to be killed.  For example, if you’re pulled over by the police: speak very slowly, don’t make any sudden movements, don’t go out at night, don’t drive, be less “black”. Of course, the rules are completely ridiculous – they are meant to be. But, as ridiculous as they may seem, they have actually been used as excuses for killing unarmed black men.


 It’s a true parody how-to manual, written by a renowned comedian/activist. I listened to the audiobook, which was narrated by D.L. Hughley. With him doing the reading, it made it even more enjoyable for me. It was great hearing the “instructions” from the author, such as:

Maybe he shouldn’t have worn that hoodie… or, moved more slowly… not been out so late… Wait, why are black people allowed to drive, anyway?

Not A New Thing

The problem of unarmed black men being murdered by the police or society is not a new problem. Yet, recently (with prevalence of social media and instant video) it is now being seen more. Unfortunately, even with video evidence of these senseless murders – they are still supported by the law. All a police officer (or an overzealous citizen) has to say is, “I feared for my life” to activate a license to kill. As a black man in America, with a son, that makes me very fearful.

The Rules

Although the DL Hughley book: How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice from White People is written comedically, it should be taken very seriously. It’s meant to be funny, but it can also be a real survival guide. D.L. really digs deep into the psyche of the American system of institutional racism. Sadly, if we actually follow some of the less ridiculous rules – it could have a huge impact on whether we live or have our lives unnecessarily taken by someone that doesn’t think we have any value.

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D.L. Hughley Book How Not To Get Shot

Book Title: How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People

Book Description: D.L. Hughley does a wonderful job of taking a very serious subject, the senseless killing of unarmed black men in America, and presenting in a humorous manner.

Book Author: D.L. Hughley

Book Format: Hardcover

Date published: June 26, 2018

ISBN: 0062698540

Number Of Pages: 272

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