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The Coffee Bean Book Jon Gordon

The Coffee Bean book: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change by Jon Gordon a quick fun read. I was introduced to the book in an Instagram post by my mentor, Todd Durkin. My coach, Frank Pucher, bought me a box set of Gordon’s books last year – all of which I enjoyed. So having read many of Jon Gordon’s books, I expected to like this one. And, I did. Since I love coffee, I really liked the title.


Jon Gordon’s writes his books as parables. This makes them easy to follow. The Coffee Bean book tells the story of a young man named Abe. The lesson taught in this book is, as the title suggests, is a pretty simple lesson. Although it is simple, it carries with a very powerful way to look at life. If I even hinted at the contents of the lesson, you wouldn’t have to read the book. It’s that simple, and I won’t be a spoiler.

The Coffee Bean book doesn’t take long to read. I read it in less than an hour. Read it yourself, and buy a copy for someone you think might need it. That can be anyone… as we all need reminders of staying positive.

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Simple Lesson - Great Book! $12.84
Jon Gordon The Coffee Bean Book

Book Title: The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change

Book Description: From bestselling author Jon Gordon and Damon West comes The Coffee Bean: an illustrated fable that teaches readers how to transform their environment, overcome challenges, and create positive change.

Book Author: Jon Gordon

Book Format: Hardcover

Publisher - Orgnization: Wiley

Publisher Logo:

Date published: July 2, 2019

ISBN: 1119430275

Number Of Pages: 112

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